The idea of tartans is a recent development in our history.   Most tartans were district tartans instead of clan or family tartans.   A clan tartan is a Victorian era development, as is much of the 'Highland dress' we see advertised in many sites and stores.   The MacEachern tartan was designed by Margaret McEachern in Prince Edward Island, Canada.   The colours each have their own meaning.   DARK GREEN for the rolling hills in Scotland which still call to us.   BLUE for the sea that played an important role in our history.   RED for the bloodlines that connect us all.   DARK GREY for the MacEachern cross in Kintyre, Scotland.   IVORY for the waves that scattered us all.

MacEachern Tartan

Some countries, including Canada, have their own tartan, as do all of our provinces and territories.

Maple Leaf Tartan

Yukon Tartan
North West Territories Tartan
Nunavut Tartan
British Columbia Tartan

Alberta Tartan
Saskatchewan Tartan
Manitoba Tartan
Ontario Tartan

Quebec Tartan
New Brunswick Tartan
Nova Scotia Tartan
Prince Edward Island Tartan
Newfoundland & Labrador Tartan