These trees begin in or focus upon Waterloo County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Waterloo County

Dr. Donald M'Eachern was born June 30, 18642,6-12 in Harriston, Wellington Co. and died September 25, 19273,12 in Galt.   He married Anne May Little on March 30, 18972 in Perth Co.   Anne was born August 30, 18772,9,10,12 in Perth Co. and died 195612.   They resided in Galt where Donald was a Physician, they had the following children:

John D. M'Eachern was born January 25, 18385,6,8,9,12 in St. Croix, Quebec and died August 3, 191612 in Berlin (Kitchener).   He married Rebecca Susannah Wallace on January 1, 18612 in Peel Co.   Rebecca was born April 8, 18412,5,6,12 in Ireland and died January 19, 188112 in Berlin.   John was a millwright in the town of Galt.   They had the following children:

Thse individuals were enumerated in the census' but are not listed with any immediate family members.   They are listed as "Lodger", "Boarder", "Domestic", "Servant" etc.   This list also includes individuals from other sources without any other family connection.

1901 Census of Canada

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