These trees begin in or focus upon Thunder Bay District.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Thunder Bay District

Duncan M'Eachern was born about 1825 in Scotland.   He married Rachael Tomlinson on August 25, 18592 in Lambton County.   She was born about 1839 in Plympton Township, Lambton County.   They resided at Thunder Cape where Duncan was a lighthouse keeper and had the following children:

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John M'Eachern was born December 28, 18851 in L'Ardoise, Richmond Co., Nova Scotia and died April 20, 19343 at McKellar Hospital in Fort William.   He married Annie Bell on October 31, 19102 in Port Arthur.   She was born May 18899 in Ontario.   They resided at 725 South Norah St., Fort William where John was a 'miller in a flour mill' and had the following children:

Neil Felix M'Eachern was born June 13, 18893 in L'Ardoise, Richmond Co., NS.   He married Daisy Evelyn Douglas on September 7, 19112 in Sydney, Cape Breton Co., NS.   Daisy was born February 28, 18921,2,12 in New Minas, Kings Co., NS.   They resided at 1020 Donald St., Fort William and had the following children:

Source # = information from Neil MacEachern, grandson of Howard

William Currie M'Eachern was born February 12, 18419,12 in Scotland, came to Canada in 18719, and died August 2, 19263 in Port Arthur.   He married Elizabeth Turner on August 13, 18722 in Arthur Township, Wellington County.   She was born August 7, 18539 in Wellington County, and died February 16, 19303 in Port Arthur.   They resided at 80 High St., Port Arthur where William was a school teacher.   They had the following children:

The following individuals were listed in death records that show they resided in Thunder Bay District:



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