These trees begin in or focus upon Russell County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Russell County

Archibald M'Eachern was born ??.   His wife Margaret was born ??   They had the following children:

Archibald M'Eachern was born ??.   His wife Maria McLean was born ??   Archibald was a farmer in Campbell.   They had the following children:

Neil M'Eachern was born June 15, 18352,6-10,14 in Lochaber, Quebec and died Marach 2, 191514.   He married:

  1. Laura Taylor on September 15, 18642 in Ottawa, Carleton Co.   She was born June 18, 18372,6,7,8,14 in Lochaber, Quebec and died January 1, 189714 in Russell Co.   Neil was a farmer in Rockland.   They had the following children:
    • William Wallace was born about 18656,7 in Ontario
    • Elizabeth was born September 22, 18673,8,9,14 in Cumberland and died August 6, 19053,14 in Shawville, Quebec. nbsp She married Richard C. Woodley on June 28, 18932 in Clarence Township.   Richard was born June 29, 186214 and died April 20, 194514.
    • Sarah L. was born about 18677,8,9 in Ontario.   She was a Dress Maker.
    • Annie Laura was born June 17, 18712,6-10 in Ontario.   She married James Albert Potts on November 14, 18952 in Clarnece Township.   James was born April 13, 18742,9,10 in Corey City, Pennsylvania, USA.   They resided in Rockland and removed to Parry Island, Muskoka District by 1901, by 1911 they resided in Midland, Simcoe Co.   They had the following children:
      • Della Annie was born December 29, 18961,9,10 in Rockland.   She married Henry Perry on June 17, 19142 in Midland, Simcoe Co.   Henry was born about 18882 in Manchester, England.
    • Emma Helena was born February 25, 18747,8,9,14 in Ontario and died January 193914 in Cumberland.   She married Joseph Bennett.   He was born June 186514 and died August 196214 in Russell Co.
    • Isaac Whitney Taylor was born May 26, 18762,7,8,9 in Cumberland Township.
  2. Mary Ann McArthur on April 6, 18992 in Ottawa, Carleton Co.   She was born December 23, 18589,10 in Quebec

Robert Campbell M'Eachern was born May 15, 18753,7-11,14 in Lochaber, Papineau Co., Quebec and died November 17, 19253,12,14 at his residence in Cumberland.   He married Jemima Panton McLaughlin on September 17, 1901* in Lochaber Bay, Quebec.   She was born October 188310,11,14 in Lochaber, Papineau Co., Quebec and died January 10, 196812,14 at home in Cumberland.   Robert was a farmer in Cumberland Township, they had the following children:

* source is birth registration for Georgena



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