These trees begin in or focus upon Rainy River District.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Rainy River District

John Allan M'Eachern was born May 26, 18752,3,13 in Amaranth Station, Dufferin Co. and died July 2, 19263 in Emo.   He married Susan Noble on August 9, 19052 in Emo.   Susan was born July 14, 187927,8,9,11,13 in Bentinck, Grey Co. and died March 17, 1969 in Emo.   They resided on Front St. in Emo and had the following children:

Roderick William M'Eachern was born May 15, 18831,11,13 in Amaranth Station, Dufferin Co. and died October 10, 1952 in Kilarney, Manitoba   He married:

  1. Margaret May Gillies on June 3, 19082 in Emo.   She was born October 11, 18881,11 in Dufferin County and died May 15, 19213 in Emo.   Roderick worked at a livery stable.   They lived on Main St., Emo.   They had the following children:
    • Dorothy Jane was born January 26, 19101,11,13 in Emo
    • Arnold W. was born about 191413 in Emo
    • Stirling A. was born about 192013 in Emo
  2. Myrtle Evelyn Archibald on October 18, 19272 in Souris, Manitoba.   Myrtle was born November 4, 1889 in Kilarney, Manitoba.   They resided in Manitoba and had the following children:
    • Mary Evelyn was born in (probably) Kilarney and died August 20, 1980 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The following individuals were listed in death records that show they resided in Rainy River District:



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Rainy River District's major city/town