These trees begin in or focus upon Nipissing District.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Nipissing District

Hugh M'Eachern was born ??.   He married Carrie Bragg on ??.   She was born ??.   They resided in North Bay.   They ran a 'boarding house' and had the following children:

Peter Hugh M'Eachern was born about 18932 in Canal - La Belle, Quebec.   He married Mary Alice Dougherty on October 6, 19262 in North Bay.   She was born about 19092 in Bristol, Quebec.   They resided in Hearst.

Ronald John M'Eachern was born about 18702 in Inverness Co, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.   He married Mary Frost (widow Stewart) on November 10, 19152 in Nipissing Junction.   She was born about 18672 in Fort Colourage, Quebec.   They resided in North Bay.



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