These trees begin in or focus upon Lanark County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Lanark County

John M'Eachern was born May 16, 18169 in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 18309.   He married:

  1. Elizabeth Morris before 1854.   She was born in Beckwith Township.   John was a "Gentleman" and resided in Ramsay Township.   They had the following children:
    • Sarah Ann was born February 4, 18549 in Beckwith Township and died March 14, 19253
  2. Elizabeth Cunningham on ??.   She was born September 4, 18443,9 in Beckwith Township and died March 12, 19253 in Beckwith Township.   They had the following children:
    • Alexander was born July 12, 18749 in Ramsay Township
    • Patrick William was born February 22, 18761,2,9,10 in Ramsay Township.   He married Mary Ann Ryan on Janaury 22, 19032 in Almonte.   Mary Ann was born about 18802 in Almonte.   They resided on Harriet St in Carleton Place and had the following children:
      • John Ryan was born March 3, 19041,10 in Carleton Place
      • Samuel William was born May 8, 19051,10 in Carleton Place
      • Baby Boy was born and died January 29, 19071,3 in Carleton Place
      • Stewart Schifield was born January 3, 19091,10 in Carleton Place
      • Mary was born September 19101,10 in Carleton Place
      • Elizabeth J. was born March 23, 19203 and died March 28, 19209 in Renfrew County
    • Rebecca Ellen was born May 7, 18831,9,10 in Drummond and died November 16, 19189 at Kingston, Frontenac Co. where she worked as a Nursing Sister at the General Hospital.   From 1901-1911 she is a "Lodger" in the residence of William Jenkins of Carleton Place.

Catherine M'Eachern was born about 18556 in Scotland.   She was employed at a hotel in Pakenham, run by David Davis.  

Margaret M'Eachern was born about 18658 in Ontario.   She was was residing with her aunt, Ann Devlin, widow, in the Town of Perth.

Unknown M'Eachern was born ??.   His wife, Elizabeth, was born ??.   They resided in Tennyson and moved to Cochrane, Cochrane District before 1916.   They had the following children:



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