These trees begin in or focus upon Lambton County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Lambton County

Daniel Bernard M'Eachern was born March 9, 18781,2,10 in Mt. Carmel, Huron Co.   He married Mary Ann Marjory Roberts on September 17, 19042 in Windsor, Essex Co.   She was born March 11, 18792,10 in Moore Township.   Daniel was a Brakeman with the railway.   They had the following children:

Duncan M'Eachern was born about 18172,3,5,6,7,8,15 in Jura, Argyll, Scotland and died February 1, 18983 in Brooke Township.   He married Ann Keith on December 22, 18422 in Jura, Argyll, Scotland.   Ann was born January 10, 18239,15 in Jura, Argyll, Scotland and died April 11, 19093 in Alvinston.   Duncan was a farmer.   They had the following children:

Edward M'Eachern was born June 10, 18478,9,10 in Ontario.   He married Elizabeth Isabella Bissell on ??   She was born May 13, 18473,8,9,10 in Ontario and died November 6, 19283 in Sarnia.

John M'Eachern was born about 18387 in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 1872.

Laughlan M'Eachern was born 18456 in Nova Scotia and died between 1885 and 1891.   His wife Margaret Fisher was born about 18486,8 in Nova Scotia.   They resided in Sarnia and had the following children:

Neil M'Eachern was born May 20, 18197,9 in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 18729.   He married Margaret on ??   She was born January 15, 18367,9 in New Brunswick (1881 Census) or Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (1901 Census).   They resided in Sarnia.

Peter Malcolm M'Eachern was born May 21, 18553,9,10 in Isle of Islay, Scotland, arrived in Canada in 18639, and died March 27, 193711,13 in Petrolia. He married:

  1. Eleanor Louise Vrooman on April 2, 18852,13 in Queenston, Lincoln Co.   She was born November 16, 18592,3,9 in Queenston and died March 24, 19103,13.   Peter was a teacher then became a Presbyterian Minister.   They resided in Bruce Co. in 1901 and after Eleanor's death in 1910 he resided in Kent Co. before settling in Lambton Co.   They had the following children:
    • Ewart Currie was born June 3, 18861,9 in Bayfield, Huron Co.
    • Ethel Gertrude was born September 5, 18891,9 in Sombra.   She married Tom Benjamin Hudson Hepburn on July 28, 19192 at St. Andrew`s Church in London, Middlesex Co.   He was born about 18932 in Armton, Wales
    • Sarah was born March 24, 18921,9,10 in Wentworth Co.
    • Lilly Florence was born November 23, 18941,9,10 in Waterdown, Wentworth Co.   She married unknown Park and resided in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  2. Ada Mary Blake On October 11, 191613.   She was born 187411 in Lapeer, Michigan, USA. and died 195011,*.   They had the following children:
    • Malcolm Blake was born 192011 in Ontario and died 1989* in Hamilton, Wentworth Co.
* look for 359 Garfield Ave.

Unknown M'Eachern was born ?? and died before 1901.   His wife Catherine was born March 18, 18549 in Scotland and came to Canada in 18569.   They resided in Sarnia and had the following children:



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