These trees begin in or focus upon Halton County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Halton County

Duncan M'Eachem was born about 18532 in Arthur, Wellington Co.   He married Rachael Dowler on December 28, 18742 in Palmerston, Wellington Co.   She was born about 18542 in Rockwood, Wellington Co.   Duncan was a Public School Teacher, they resided in Esquesing Township and had the following Children:

James M'Eachem was born August 19, 18739 in Erin Topwnship, Wellington Co. and died August 10, 194211,12,13,* in Milton.   James was fatally injured at the Milton Brick Co.'s plant...while repairing a belt12.   He married Margaret Edith Longstreet on December 23, 1896 in Claude.   She was born January 17, 18711 in Erin Township and died January 21, 195311,13 at the Hamilton General Hospital in Hamilton, Wentworth Co.   They resided in Milton and had the following children:

* Newspaper source: Canadian Champion Milton, Ontario, August 20, 1942, page 3

John M'Eachem was born ??? in Kilchomin, Islay, Scotland and died before 18615.   He married Catherine McAllister in Scotland.   She was born about 17975 in Kilchomin, Islay, Scotland.   They resided in Esquesing Township and had the following children:

John M'Eachem was born April 26, 18619 in Ontario and died March 19, 19043 by accident in Acton.   Read the story here and accompanying story here.   He married Florence McEachern on May 24, 1886.   Florence was born August 2, 18655,11 in Erin Township and died September 30, 192911 at the home of her sister, Mrs. W.E. Allen, Erin Towhship, where she had been visiting.   They resided in Acton and had the following children:

Ronald M'Eachern was born 186213,14 or October 30, 18659,10 in Erin Township, Wellington Co. and died 194413.   He married Annie McLean on February 8, 18932 in Ballinfad.   She was born March 18, 18672,9,10,13,14 in Erin, Wellington Co. and died 194113.   They resided in Esquesing Township where Ronald was a farmer.   They had the following children:



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Haltton County's major city/town

Burlington Milton
Georgetown Oakville