These trees begin in or focus upon Essex County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Essex County

Alexander M'Eachern was born in Nova Scotia.   His wife Margaret Gillis was born in Nova Scotia.   They resided in Windsor and had the following children:

Colin M'Eachran was born ??.   His wife A?? was born ??.   They resided in Raleigh Township had the following children:

Daniel M'Eachren was born about 18982 in Judique, Inverness Co., Cape Breton.   He married Annie Fortune on August 13, 19232 in Ford, Sandwich Township.   She was born May 30, 1898 in Judique, Inverness Co., Cape Breton and died July 13, 1931 in East Windsor.   They resided in Ford City

Hector M'Eachin was born about ??.   He married Margaret McLeod on ??.   She was born about ??.   They had the following children:

Simon M'Eachern was born May 22, 18961,7 in Brook Village, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia.   He married Mary McMaster on November 6, 19212 at St. Andrew's Church in Judique, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia.   Mary was born about 1902 in Lower Hillsdale, Inverness Co., Cape Breton2.   They resided 811 Parent Ave. in Ford City and had the following children:

William M'Eachran was born December 9, 18537 in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 18697.   His wife Christina N. Michalson was born January 26, 18577 in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 18577.   They resided in Windsor where William was a Veterinary Surgeon, they had the following children:



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