These trees begin in or focus upon Westmorland County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Westmorland County

Alexander M'Eachern was born about 18366,7 in Nova Scotia.   His wife, Catherine, was born about 18416,7 in NB.   They resided in Hillsborough, Albert Co. and moved to Dorchester after 1870.   They had the following children:

Angus M'Eachern was born about 18543 in Cape Traverse, Prince Co., PEI and died February 7, 18923 in Wheaton Settlement.   He married Isadora Brown on November 28, 188313 At residence of officiating minister,...   Isadora died October 28, 19553.   She married Lorenzo Alward before 1898 and resided in Steeves Settlement.   Angus and Isadora resided in Wheaton Settlement and had the following children:

Dougald M'Eachern was born about 18316 in Scotland.   His wife Elizabeth Bayley was born about 18326 in Nova Scotia.   They resided in Sackville and had the following children:

George Malcolm M'Eachern married Mary Margaret Guerney.   They resided in Moncton and had the following children:

John M'Eachran was born March 22, 18721 in Newcastle, Northumberland Co.   He married Lestina Myra Brydges on June 26, 18992 in Campbelton, Restigouche Co.   Lestina was born May 11, 18752,10 in Sprague Mills, Androscoggin Co., Maine, USA..   They resided at 1421 Main St. in Moncton and had the following children:

John Alfred MacEachern was born December 5, 19071,10 in Hermitage, Queens Co., PEI and died August 19, 19993 in Moncton. He married Alice Adelaide Wonnacott on July 4, 19532 in Moncton. Alice was born June 9, 1927 in Greenvale, Queens Co., PEI and died September 13, 2018 in Moncton.   They resided in Moncton and had six children (5 still alive)

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick also has the following records which indicating that these individuals as residing in Westmorland County


* These records do not indicate whether the females are married or single, also very few indicate age.

New Brunswick


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