These trees begin in, or focus upon, Albert County.   Unless indicated, all place names are in Albert County

Hugh M'Eachern was born about 183111 in Cape Breton and died December 22, 188911 in Curryville.   THE TIMES of Moncton reported on December 31, 1889 the following; d. Curryville (Albert Co.) Sunday morn. 22nd Dec., 2 o'clock, Hugh McEACHERN, resident of Albert Co. for last 25 years, native of Cape Breton, age 59, left wife, three children. The funeral took place at New Ireland on Tuesday Dec. 24th.11   His wife Margaret Beck was born January 21, 18406,7 in New Ireland and died March 1, 19243 in South Minto, Queens Co.   They had the following children:

Stafford Benson M'Eachern was born April 9, 19061,12 in Browns Yard, Kent Co. and died 197913 in NB   He married Mary Kathleen O'Connor on May 2, 19342 at Holy Ghost Church in Riverside.   She was born January 20, 19121,13 in Bathurst, Glocester Co. and died 200013 in NB.   They resided in Germantown and had the following children:

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