Navigating this site is easy.   Use the 'Trees by Province' to change from one province to another.   All 'links' will open a new tab with the page displayed.   If at any time you wish to return to the main page then click on the on the top left corner.

I use a couple of small icons that will take you may notice throughout this site.   Clicking on them will take you to another page.   They are:

  1.   will take you to a photo of the person or item of interest
  2.   will take you to a picture of the gravestone
  3.   will take you to another page where the 'tree' continues
  4.   This graphic will take you to the memorial page on the Find A Grave web site
Other external links are identified by the text.   I have kept the graphics to a minimum so the pages will load faster for you

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