These trees begin in or focus upon the Province of British Columbia.   Unless indicated, all place names are in British Columbia

Alexander M'Eachern was born in Scotland.   He married Margaret Sinclair in Scotland.   Margaret was born in Scotland.   They arrived in Canada in 1910.   They had the following children:

Archibald Edward M'Eachern was born January 23, 18671,2,6,8,14 in Ottawa, Carleton Co., Ontario and died May 5, 19423,14 in Victoria.   He married Charlotte Eliza Duncan On August 4, 18972 in Kaslo District.   She was born August 9, 18722,6 in Fitzroy, Carleton Co., Ontario.   They resided in Victoria where Archibald was a carpenter, they had the following children:

Archibald M'Eachern was born October 18668 in Ontario.   He married Virginia Anna May Perry on November 15, 18932 in Vancouver.   Virginia was born November 18658 in United States and came to Canada in 1902.   They resided in Victoria and had the following children:

Daniel Charles M'Eachern was born October 31, 1906 in Craik, Saskatchewan and died September 4, 1958 in Trail.   He married Elizabeth White.   Elizabeth was born December 21, 1917 in Girvin, Saskatchewan and died July 24, 1982 in Nelson.   They had the following children:

Daniel Cameron M'Eachern was born April 7, 18849 in North Dakota, USA, immigrated to Canada in 19129, and died October 5, 19583 in Vancouver.   He married Mabel Bethia Bennington on November 17, 19032 in North Dakota.   Mary was born January 4, 18853,9 in North Dakota, USA, immigrated to Canada in 19123,9, and died November 27, 19703 in Vancouver.   They resided in Denzil, Saskatchewan before removing to Vancouver, they had the following children:

Daniel George M'Eachern was born May 31, 18903 in P.E.I. and died December 14, 19843 in Maple Ridge.   He married Mary Etta McLeod.   Mary was born August 17, 18913 in P.E.I. and died December 19, 19813 in Maple Ridge.  

Donald M'Eachern was born January 18568 in Ontario.   He married Jessie before 1891.   She was born October 18588 in Ontario and died June 11, 19253 in Benvoulin District.   They resided in Mission where Donald was a farmer.   They had the following children:

Donald M'Eachran was April 22, 18841,6 in West River, Queens Co., PEI.   He married Ethel before 1906.  Ethel was born June 18838 in PEI.  They had the following children:

Donald L. M'Eachern was born October 26, 18662,4-8,13,14 in Ontario and died October 11, 19363,14 in Nelson.   He married Jessie Emma King on December 28, 18972 in Victoria Co., Ontario.   Jessie was born May 8, 18682,8,13,14 in Kirkfield, Victoria Co., Ontario and died May 31, 19353,14 in Nelson.   They had the following children:

Dougald M'Eachern was born December 21, 18701,6,8,13 in Buctouche, Kent Co., New Brunswick and died July 28, 19363 in Duncan.   He married Mary Catherine Weber on August 3, 18982 in Nelson.   Mary was born June 29, 18806,8,13 in Minnesota, United States and immigrated to Canada in 1896.   They had the following children:

Gilbert M'Eachern was born February 21, 18803 in Egremont, Grey Co., Ontario and died February 28, 19603 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Victoria, BC.   He married Mary Ellen Cornish.   She was born Mar 9, 18833,6 in Mount Forest, Wellington Co., Ontario and died August 26, 19853 in West Vancouver, BC.   They had the following children:

James M'Eachern was born May 18648 in Ontario.   His wife E.J. was born April 18618 in Ontario.   James is listed as a carpenter and they lived in Vancouver.

John M'Eachern was born January 22, 18596,8 in Ontario.   He married Addie.   She was born October 5, 18656,8 in Ontario.   They had the following children:

Murdoch M'Eachern was born May 6, 18505,6 in PEI and died January 21, 19393 in Vancouver.   He married Margaret Martin on October 22, 1879.   She was born July 15, 18565,6 in Scotland, came to Canada in 18616 and died November 18, 19483 in Vancouver.   They resided in Lot 63, Kings Co., PEI and moved to British Columbia before 1901.   They had the following children:  

Neil M'Eachern was born March 17, 18546,8 in Eldon, Victoria Co., Ontario.   He married Adeline Bertha Carr on February 15, 18822 in Commanda, Parry Sound District, Ontario.   She was born September 7, 18606,8 in Oxford Co. Ontario and died 1944 in Pinellas, Florida, USA.   Neil was a "Merchant" in Magnetawan, Parry Sound District, Ontario and moved to Revelstoke before 1909.   By 1920 they were residing in Port Huron, St. Clair Co., Michigan, USA and removed to Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, USA by 1930.   They had the following children:

Norman Alfred M'Eacheran was born August 18728 in Nova Scotia.   He married Lilly Ernestine Baynes on December 17, 19082 in Trout Lake.   She was born May 18908 in Manitoba.   They resided at 88 14 Mile Board.   Norman was a millwright.   They had the following children:

British Columbia

Capital:  Victoria


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