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If you are researching your MacEachern family in Canada then you have come to a place that might hold some info and insight to your family.   This is a genealogy site.   So if genealogy or the MacEachern name is not what you were looking for... sorry to disappoint.   Those of you that are researching the family name then you might find some tidbits of information or nuggets of gold for your research.   Whether your last name is MacEachern, McEachern, McEachren, McEacheran or whatever concoction your great-great-great-great grandparents came up with you are welcome here, we're all from the same 'clan'.

During my own research into the MacEachern family name I have come across many other families that weren't related to me but I have made note of the information and filed it away.   When I had an other web site up I would receive e-mail asking if I had any information on so-and-so MacEachern from this place or that place.   Sometimes we struck out and other times we were in luck.   A few years back I decided to compile this information and put it up for others to enjoy.   With the great assistance of cousin Lee this site was born.   Lee has done the design and lay-out of the site, taught me HTML coding and answered many, many questions for me.   I will add new content, join family trees as research suggests, on a weekly basis as time permits as I have other commitments - work (gotta pay for this somehow), there is grass to be trampled in graveyards, dust to be removed from documents in the archives, etc.

Throughout this site you may notice the family name spelled many different ways. I am using the spelling the way it was written on the source document with birth registrations taking presence. Great grandfather John McEachern may have had his name on a census form written as Jno McEcheron, so I have used that form of the spelling unless other supporting documents suggest something different.

If you have content you wish to add then please let me know and I will put it up here.

If you notice any errors then please contact me so I may have them corrected. Some times at 2:00 in the morning my eyes may not function as well as they did ten hours previous and I may have misspelled a name or missed listing a relative. Even with proof-reading some things may slip past me. "I don't mind getting old, I just hate the effects of it."

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